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October 17, 2009


Collaboration Tools



TIME magazine has named Skype one of the 50 best web sites to visit for 2009.

With Skype, you can virtually connect with anyone, anywhere, at anytime for free.

With a web-cam, a microphone and Skype, you can easily communication long

distances, share documents and send live text messages. 

Skype also makes it easy to get virtual help from a virtual tutor when help is

needed, at a time that is convenient for your family.


With a free Gmail (email) account, you receive 3 Gb of storage, the ability to

colaborate and share documents with others, and more!


Work online

Zoho contains a comprehensive suite of web based applications that allow you to create, share and store your files online FREE. Zoho includes a word processor, a spreadsheet maker, a presentation tool, a wiki editor, an e-mail client and more!

EtherPad provides an instant collaboration option on documents that you want to share with others.

Delicious is a social book-marking site which allows access to your book-marks from any computer. You may invite others to view/share/use your bookmarks.

Scribd is an online document sharing service. You can even embed a document viewer into a website, blog or wiki. Scribd is a handy resources.

Posterous is a FREE, easy-to-use tool that can be used to publish text, images or video.  Send an email to your posterous site and it is posted!

Check out my link:

Get your own






Literacy and Learning Tools


Speech to Text and Text to Speech Tools

Dragon Naturally Speaking (Not Free)

MacSpeech Dictate

This program is not free, but it is worth its weight in gold.

Windows Speech Recognition


Record and send voice emails


Type a message in the box and choose a male or female avitar to read to you.

Text Readers – Do you understand material better when it’s read out loud? Try out these FREE Web tools.             


“For people with reading and writing difficulties, having text reinforced by hearing

it read aloud can be very useful.”


Learn to pronounce words

Text to Speech

Simply enter your text, select a voice, listen and download the mp3 file to your

computer. Maximum number of characters is 500.

Read Please

Cut and paste text or type it directly into the input form on this site and the program will read it to you. It can be a very useful tool for making sure essays and projects are written correctly.

Click Speak for Firefox

CLiCk, Speak is an open source, freely available extension for the Firefox web browser. It reads web pages.

Natural Reader for Internet Explorer


Adobe Acrobat Reader includes a feature that will allow the contents of the document to be read out loud. This is another wonderful resource for students who are auditory learners and/or who struggle with reading.

Electronic Books and Online Resources: Explore online reading ithrough interactive stories, articles, and books.

Challenge: Use these online resources to involve students/readers in writing stories, adding to stories, writing new endings, creating illustrations, and facilitating discussions.

Free Audio Books

The link below offers free audio books – a good tool for auditory learners. provides free audio and video learning through (over 20,000) educational audio books, MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos.

Audio Books

This site offers current books that you can purchase, download to iTunes and listen to through a computer or MP3 player.




Microsoft Word

Did you know that Microsoft Word has accessibility features?


Follow the link below to view a brief movie about an awesome program designed to

help students who struggle with spelling and writing.


This tool helps those who struggle with reading to browse the Internet







Visual Research Tools and Organizers

Tools for Gathering and Organizing Information and Ideas


Graphic Organizers

Interactive Fishbone

is an online graphic organizer that helps students to plan and organize writing


OneLook Reverse Dictionary

Enter a definition, and let the dictionary find the word/words that you need.


This word tool will tell you everything you want to know about a word and more!

Visual Thesaurus

This online tool is great for learners who benefit from seeing images with text.


is another tool with multiple features.  Use this tool to analyze, sort, filter and

rank lists of vocabulary and/or spelling words.


Visual search tool.


is an exceptional online graphical dictionary and thesaurus that contains features

to help with a variety of writing tasks.


Highlight documents.


Mindmapping Tools

Brainstorm online.


Create and share mind maps anytime, anywhere


Collaborative mind mapping. Brainstorm, share ideas, think visually.



Automatic Text Summarizers

Below are links to three different online summarizers.  Each summarizer tool

contains slightly different features.  The most important benefit is that a student

can paste text into this tool and the information is reduced.  Check out the

following links to discover what tool/features you and your child prefer:

Text Summarizer


Text Summarizer




emath homework help

Math Dictionary 

This dictionary is animated, interactivee and  explains over 500 common mathematical terms in simple language.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Math

Number Navigator

A program that assists those with fine motor problems to set out columnar arithmetic, without the need for a spreadsheet.


Creativity/Motivation Tools




BeFunky is a website that allows you to applyf fun effects to photos.



More Tools to Check Out:

Academic Skill Builders is the place to go when you want to playfully practice and gain fluency with basic academic skills.

Go to Tutpup to find a variety of games that will reinforce numeracy and literacy.  You can play real (annonomous) people who also want to sharpen and practice skills.

Online Spreadsheets – EditGrid

Additional Free Tools



More Math Tools

Useful Links

Multimedia and Digital Storytelling



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